Spring Home Maintenance

When winter ends, it’s time to prepare for hot weather ahead. As the weather warming, spring is a good time to get outdoors and make any home repairs, as well as prep your home and garden for summer.

Maintenance Checklist

1-Schedule air-conditioning service: To get the longest life out of your cooling system and keep it running as efficiently as possible, change the filters at least once each season, and hire a licensed professional to service the equipment before the start of summer.

2-Inspect the roof: Look for missing shingles, metal pipes that are damaged or missing or anything that simply doesn’t look right. If you notice anything that needs closer inspection or repair, call a certified roofer.

3-Wash windows: Clean the grime off glass inside and out for a lighter, brighter home indoors and increased curb appeal outdoors.

4-Check screen doors and windows: Screens are designed to let the breeze flow in and keep the bugs out, but they can only do their job if they’re free from holes and tears.

5-Paint exterior: If you needs to repaint your home’s exterior this year, spring is the best time to set it up.

6-Inspect driveways and paths: Take a walk around your property to look for damage to walkways, paths and driveways, then schedule repairs as needed.

7-Clean gutters and downspouts: Having your gutters and downspouts cleaned early in the season can also help prevent damage from spring rains.

8-Check sprinkler and irrigation systems: Checking your sprinklers and irrigation systems in the spring can save water and  also your plants.

9-Reseal exterior woodwork: Wood decks, fences, railings, trellises, pergolas and other outdoor structures will last longer if they’re stained or resealed every year.

10-Get a termite Inspection: Call a licensed professional pest-control company.

11-Prevent mosquitoes: The best way to prevent mosquitos around your home is simply to get rid of any standing water.


Juan C Sanchez

Juan C Sanchez