Fall Home Checklist

• Trim tree branches and vegetation near roof.
• Check roof, siding and foundation for damage.
• Check chimney for loose bricks and missing mortar.
• Clean gutters and downspouts. Make sure water doesn’t pool around foundation.
• Seal gaps and holes that could provide access for animals.
• Replace loose or missing caulking around windows and doors.
• Fertilize and reseed lawn.
• If area is subject to freezes, shut off exterior faucets and

irrigation system and store hoses.

• Check attic and crawl spaces for leaks or moisture after
wet weather.
• Check caulking around showers, bathtubs, sinks and
• Check faucets and supply valves for leaks or corrosion.
• Inspect water heater for leaks.
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
• Have a professional inspect/clean the chimney. Test
fireplace flue for tight seal.
• Test circuit breakers and ground-fault/arc-fault interrupters.
• Consider hiring a professional to inspect and tune up your
furnace/HVAC system.
• Change furnace filter and remove any materials that
block air return vent.

• Clean dryer vent.

Sources: Amerispec Inspection
Services, HomeAdvisor.com


Juan C Sanchez

Juan C Sanchez